2017 Meeting Minutes

Texas Community College Journalism Association

Spring Business Meeting: TIPA Dallas

March 30, 2017


Attending were: Lori Dann and Beth Langton, Eastfield College; Daniel Rodrigue, Brookhaven College; Bob Templeton and Mary Margaret Peterson, Midland College; Teresa Talerico, San Antonio College; Bob Bajackson, Texas State; Erica Edwards and Meg Fullwood, Richland College; Robert Muilenburg and Scott Beckett, Del Mar College; Libby Stapleton and Jan Anderson Paxson, Angelina College; Laura Krantz and Derik Gray, Tyler Junior College; Charlie Ehrenfeld, South Plains College; Jill Gibson, Amarillo College; Eddye Gallagher and Chris Whitley, Tarrant County College; Mandy Smith, Northeast Texas Community College; Kathleen Stockmier, North Lake College


  1. Call to Order. President Lori Dann of Eastfield College called the meeting to order at 5:35 p.m. She noted there was a small crowd in attendance. Jill Gibson said some advisers were judging contests. Dann said she expected some latecomers, along with Beth Francesco of UT-Arlington, who would visit to talk about the convention.


  1. Minutes. Dann asked everyone to review the minutes from spring 2016 and fall 2016. Beth Langton said her name was omitted from the spring 2016 minutes. Charlie Ehrenfeld said he did not attend the fall 2016 meeting, but his name was on the minutes. Members agreed to approve minutes after adding Beth and omitting Charlie. Also, the fall business meeting says UT-Austin, but it was UT-Arlington.

Motion by Bob Templeton, seconded by Chris Whitley, All approved; motion carried.


III. Introduction of New Advisers. Bob Templeton introduced Mary Margaret Peterson, a former student who earned a bachelor’s degree and was hired in September as the new lab instructor and co-adviser. Gibson said Amarillo College has a new adviser who was not present: Maddisun Fowler is a former student who just got a master’s degree. She is student publications coordinator and an adjunct.


  1. Treasurer’s Report. Templeton said TCCJA has $5,300. Regarding dues, he said he needs to send out a reminder invoice. There are some stragglers who have not paid. He expressed concern about colleges that are waning. He appealed to members to reach out to them, including Paris Junior College, Austin College, San Jacinto College and McLennan Community College.


  1. Business Items

1. Journalist of the Year. Robert Muilenburg said the Corpus Christi Caller-Times did get funding this year for the Journalist of the Year 10-week internship. The housing situation will be different since his sister’s place is not available anymore. He will still make it work for the student.


Because funding from the Caller-Times is tenuous, he has asked Alison Paul from Tyler (formerly of the Caller-Times) who used to pick the journalist of the year. There is a chance that Tyler might be on board to house a 10-week internship. So there could be two internships.


The deadline for Journalist of the Year has been pushed back to April 18. Applications should be emailed directly to Muilenburg. He had received two so far by March 28.


  1. Distinguished Adviser Hall of Honor Update. No one has been inducted since 2014. Members agreed to induct someone in the fall. Bob Bajackson asked for nominations and short write-ups on nominees by April 18.


  1. TCCJA Live Contest Update. Members agreed to change TCCJA’s 2017 competition to a multimedia contest, but keep copy-editing and layout/design separate. The 2017 TCCJA conference is scheduled for Oct. 6 at UT-Arlington. Dann talked about amending the live contests to include a multimedia element or combining all contests into one. Daniel Rodrigue noted the challenge of squeezing copy editing and layout/design into a multimedia contest. It was noted that copy editing and layout/design could stay separate. The grand prize could be the best cohesive story package.


TCCJA did a trial run in Austin: 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. on Sixth Street. Each team of students had to find and report a written story, including a dominant photo and multimedia component. This would be a shorter version of what they did in Austin. They would have four hours — from 8 a.m. to noon (11:59 a.m.) — to do the story and upload it to WordPress. TCCJA could provide a WordPress video tutorial and examples from professional media outlets. Members discussed how a multimedia contest could give the teams more creative freedom. Their submission could be a photo story, slideshow or NPR-style story or video. Judges would decide who did the best job of telling the story. Awards could include a general excellence award for best cohesive story package, best written article, dominant photo, photo package, etc. The news event would be staged, but it should not be too long so students can have about three hours to create package.


Some members expressed concern that they would not have enough students for a viable multimedia group. Is it unfair if one team has four students and another has 10? Ideas included limiting the number per team or awarding teams according to size categories. Lori Dann said not every school would have to have a complete package or participate in every award category.


Motion to approve: Beth Langton. Seconded: Robert Muilenburg. All approved.


  1. TCCJA Canned Contest Description and Changes. Members discussed adding descriptions of canned contests.


  1. Discussion of TIPA Contest Changes. TIPA will discuss changes to canned categories tomorrow at the 7:45 a.m. meeting. 


  1. Executive Director’s Report by Bob Bajackson


  1. 2017 Fall Convention. The convention will be Oct. 6 at UT-Arlington.
  2. Future Sites. The 2018 convention will be in Commerce, 2019 at Baylor University in Waco. Members discussed changing copy-editing contest to a computerized format. The contest would still focus on AP Style and possibly content and libel.
  3. Broadcast sweepstakes? There was a broadcast winner in sweepstakes. The minimum was six entries.
  4. Other updates. Bajackson discussed tough changes at Texas State, including a hiring freeze. Other advisers shared their own experiences with cutbacks or phrasing out journalism programs. These issues are affecting several TCCJA schools, Dann noted. Advisers also discussed challenges of operating a free press and dealing with college administrations.
  5. Other Business
  6. Eddye Gallagher to retire. She is retiring in July from Tarrant County College. She received a standing ovation from members.
  7. Upcoming journalism events in DFW? Lori Dann and Daniel Rodrigue discussed upcoming journalism events at Eastfield College and Brookhaven College and invited nearby students and advisers to attend.

VII. Adjournment. Motion by Erica Edwards, seconded by Meg Fullwood. Approved.