Constitution of the Texas Community College Journalism Association



SECTION 1. This organization shall be known as the Texas Community College Journalism Association (designated hereafter as the Association).


SECTION 1. The Association shall be officially in session during an annual one-day convention on any date agreed upon by the
 executive director and the executive committee.

SECTION 2. The executive office shall be housed on the campus where the executive director works.

SECTION 3. Member colleges shall be public and private junior colleges that teach journalism or have existing or planned student publications and have paid annual membership dues.

SECTION 4. New colleges that meet all the requirements for membership shall be admitted into the Association.


SECTION 1. The officers of the Association shall be president, vice-president and secretary. The treasurer shall be an ex-officio officer.

SECTION 2. The officers shall be elected by a majority of the member colleges represented at the annual convention.

SECTION 3. Any representative of a member college is eligible for office, providing he or she expects to be employed in his or her college the following year.

SECTION 4. Officers shall take office at the close of the convention during which they are elected and shall hold office for two years until the adjournment of the second convention.

SECTION 5. If any office of the Association shall become vacant, the member college represented by the vacant office shall fill the office at which the vacancy occurs, except in the case of the office of president. The college of the former president shall retain one vote on the executive committee.

SECTION 6. The officers of the Association and the executive director shall serve as the
 executive committee.


SECTION 1. The president shall serve a two-year term. It shall be the duty of the president to preside over the annual convention.
 He or she shall have the power to call a special meeting of the Association at the request of a majority of the member colleges of the Association and to cast the deciding vote in case of ties. The president shall serve as parliamentarian of the Association.

SECTION 2. The vice-president shall serve a two-year term and then move up to the position of president. It shall be the duty of the vice-president to assist the president as directed 
by the executive committee, and in the absence of the president, he or she shall preside at meetings.

SECTION 3. The secretary shall serve a two-year term and then move up to the position of vice-president. It shall be the duty of the secretary to record and keep in a permanent file 
the roll of members at the annual convention, a record of the proceedings of the convention, and all literature (including programs, resolutions, constitutional amendments, etc.) pertaining to, or used in, the proceedings of the convention. It shall also be his or her duty to compose necessary official correspondence for the Association when so directed by the executive committee and to submit a copy of the minutes of the meeting of the Association to the executive director for distribution immediately after the convention.

SECTION 4. The executive director shall be a member of the journalism faculty of a four-year university in Texas. He or she shall see that each member college receives a tentative program of the convention before the time for it to be held, to see that arrangements for activities of the annual convention are complete and to select judges for the annual contests.

SECTION 5. The treasurer of the Association shall give an annual financial        report to the membership at the annual convention.


SECTION 1. This constitution and the appended by-laws may be amended at the convention by majority vote of the member colleges. Each college shall be allowed one vote.

SECTION 2. Each member college shall send its proposed constitutional amendments and changes to the executive director of the Association at least one month before the date of the convention. It will also send a copy of all proposed amendments and changes, with a brief explanation of each, to each member college. This procedure will enable member colleges to be thoroughly familiar with the proposed changes to the constitution. No other amendments may be proposed from the floor of a business session unless two-thirds of the member colleges approve their submission.


SECTION 1. The business meeting of the annual convention may be held in as many sessions as necessary. Each member college shall designate one voting delegate who may cast one (1) vote. The college may also be unofficially represented by as many students of its local membership as it may desire and by its faculty members. Any student, convention delegate or faculty representative may have discussion privileges from the floor.

SECTION 2. The order of business shall be as follows, unless otherwise ordered by a majority vote of the member colleges:

  1. Call to order by the president
  2. Roll call by the secretary

3. Reading of the minutes

4. Executive director’s report

5. Election of officers (every other year)

6. Adjournment


SECTION 1. Contests, as explained in the by-laws, shall be held annually by the Association, which shall present the awards stipulated and announce the winners’ names.


SECTION 1. Problems of parliamentary procedure not provided in the constitution or by-laws of the Association shall be settled by reference to the revised edition of Robert’s Rules of Order.



SECTION 1. Meeting place of the annual convention shall be any four-year university in Texas unless otherwise specified.

SECTION 2. Convention sessions shall consist of contests, workshops on any aspect of college journalism and
 student publications, a business meeting, awards banquet, and/or other activities.


SECTION 1. Each member college shall pay annual dues determined by a majority vote of the members of the Association. The dues shall be mailed to the treasurer in advance of the convention.

SECTION 2. Any college that has once held membership in the Association may renew its membership by paying annual dues.


SECTION 1. DIVISIONS: Division I shall consist of all two-year colleges within the upper half of member schools’ total of registered students. Division II shall consist of all two-year colleges within the lower half of member schools’ total of registered students. Division II colleges have the option of entering newspaper and yearbook contests in Division I but can enter only one division (I or II) in any one contest. Divisions are combined for magazine competition.

SECTION 2. CONTESTS: The following entries shall be judged annually to determine First place, Second place, Third place and Honorable Mention(s) in each classification. The names of the individual winners shall be entered on the certificates of award with the name of the publication and its college.  Any member college may submit a maximum of two entries in each category.


  1. News writing
  2. Feature writing
  3. News photography
  4. Headline writing
  5. Page layout
  6. Editorial writing
  7. Sports writing
  8. Sports feature writing
  9. General column
  10. Investigative reporting
  11. Sports column
  12. Feature photography
  13. Sports photography
  14. Picture pages, panels or series
  15. Cartoon
  16. Advertising
  17. Website
  18. Overall General Excellence


All entries are to be submitted digitally according the rules established by the Association. All entries must be the work of registered students at the member college and must have been published during the school year in which the contest is entered. A list of all entries, with names of individual competitors, shall accompany each member college’s entries . No previously entered article may be submitted. No entry should antedate the beginning of the current school year.

SECTION 3. Each group of entries shall be accompanied by a statement signed by the faculty adviser, certifying that the material submitted is exclusively the work of the regularly enrolled students of the college submitting the material.

SECTION 4. No material shall be eligible unless:

  1. Entries are received by the deadlines established by the executive director. The executive director shall notify member colleges at least 30 days in advance of the contest deadlines. The executive director shall enforce all regulations pertinent to the contests of the Association and shall notify immediately any member college whose entry is disqualified, stating full reasons for such action.
  2. Annual dues for the college must be submitted to the treasurer before the entries can be accepted.

SECTION 5. Individual awards shall consist of certificates of recognition.


SECTION 6. An overall excellence award in the form of a plaque shall be awarded to the
 college with the greatest number of points in each division in newspaper 
and yearbookcompetition. One overall excellence award in the form of a 
plaque shall be awarded the college with the greatest number of points in 
magazine competition.  The overall excellence awardin newspaper shall be awarded to the college that has earned the most points on a four-point system.

First place – 4 points

Second place – 3 points

Third place – 2 points

Honorable Mention – 1 point



SECTION 6. A SWEEPSTAKES award in the form of a plaque shall be awarded to the
 college with the greatest number of points in both Division I and Division II newspaper; and in the open division magazine category. A SWEEPSTAKES award will be presented, if at least six colleges submit entries in the BROADCAST category.  SWEEPSTAKES winners will receive plaques for their accomplishments. All canned contest categories with the exception of the OVERALL GENERAL EXCELLENCE category will be scored on a four-point system. First place, four points; second place, three points; third place, two points; and honorable mention, one point. The breakdown for the OVERALL GENERAL EXCELLENCE category is as follows: first place, eight points; second place, six points; third place, four points; and honorable mention, two points.

SECTION 7. In case of a tie, duplicate awards shall be given.

SECTION 8. The decisions of the judges shall be final.


SECTION 1. The Association shall keep copies of the constitution. It shall be the duty of the executive director to see to this. Copies may be requested by member colleges.

SECTION 2. The executive office shall keep a permanent record of the Association, which will include the minutes of the meetings, programs,  financial reports and contest winners.

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